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Heir of Ra (Blood of Ra Book One) (English Edition) PDF Books

Heir of Ra (Blood of Ra Book One) (English Edition)


2019 American Fiction Award Winner (Adventure)

2019 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award Winner (Best New Voice: Fiction)

2019 Readers' Favorite Award Winner (Adventure)

2018 Beverly Hills Book Award Winner (Action/Adventure)

"One of the best conceived and executed fantasy adventures." -San Francisco Review of Books

Discover the award-winning #1 best seller that is captivating readers worldwide!


An excavation of the fabled Hall of Records beneath the Sphinx unleashes an ancient disease that leaves Alyssa's father fighting for his life.

As Alyssa races to find a cure, she stumbles upon a haunting artifact--and trespasses into the mind of an Egyptian god.


A global epidemic looms. Alyssa relives memories of an advanced race and unravels clues hidden within the relic, as she evades ruthless adversaries set on exploiting the power of the ancient genes. Then she makes a staggering discovery...

The world is not quite what it seems.


"fast-paced and enthralling... marvelous plot... thought-provoking and ingenious... well-written and engaging story... Heir of Ra is most highly recommended." -Readers' Favorite (5/5 Stars)

"Sasinowski creates captivating action and an empowered central character... engaging adventure... combining fantasy, history, mystery, and a touch of romance." -Kirkus Reviews

"A thrilling adventure for explorers of all ages." -Bestsellersworld.com

"I had more fun reading Heir of Ra than any book so far this year. M. Sasinowski has conjured a cast of wonderfully realized characters and set them off on an adventure that spools out at a break-neck pace. Read it!" -Philip Athans, New York Times best-selling author of Annihilation and Writing Monsters

Finding My Virginity: The New Autobiography PDF Books

Finding My Virginity: The New Autobiography

Random House presents the unabridged audiobook edition of Finding My Virginity by Sir Richard Branson, read by Steve West.

Fifty years ago, Sir Richard Branson started his first business. In his new autobiography, Finding My Virginity, the Virgin founder shares his personal, intimate thoughts on five decades as the world's ultimate entrepreneur.

In Finding My Virginity, Sir Richard Branson shares the secrets that have seen his family business grow from a student magazine into a global brand, his dreams of private citizens flying to space develop from a childhood fantasy to the brink of reality and his focus shift from battling bigger rivals to changing business for good. Following on from where best-selling Losing My Virginity left off at the dawn of the new millennium, Finding My Virginity takes the listener on a roller-coaster ride with the enigmatic entrepreneur. Learn how Branson created 12 different billion-dollar businesses and hundreds more companies across dozens of sectors, going from a houseboat to his own private island.

But this audiobook goes far beyond the numbers - it is a journey into the heart and mind of Britain's best loved businessman. Join Sir Richard as he juggles working life with raising his children, Holly and Sam; building a marriage with his wife, Joan; and creating a unique company culture. Discover how he created a new life on Necker Island while continuing to grow the Virgin brand into all corners of the world. Get the real story behind adventures and run-ins with everyone from Bill Gates and Kate Moss to Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama. Go behind the scenes as Sir Richard Branson creates the world's first commercial spaceline, Virgin Galactic, and handles the biggest crisis he has ever faced. Get under the skin of world record attempts on land, sea and air, and see how the original business hippy adapted to becoming a doting 'grand-dude' to his four grandchildren, Eva-Deia, Etta, Artie and Bluey.

This is the true account of how the Virgin founder reinvented himself and his brand for the 21st century while continuing to push boundaries, break rules and reach for the stars in more ways than one. This is the story of the man behind the beard, the business, the bravado and the brand. Find out how the ultimate entrepreneur did it for the first time - all over again.

Galéjade tropézienne PDF Books

Galéjade tropézienne

Une star de cinema, une jeune nonne reveuse et un inspecteur frais emoulu descendu de ses Basses-Alpes natales, reunis dans le Saint-Tropez des annees 70. Partout ailleurs, ces etres si differents n'auraient fait que se croiser, mais dans la mythique presqu'ile de cette epoque-la, rien ne se passe comme prevu. Une balade rafraichissante , aux parfums d'embruns et de pins parasols, qui ravivera sans doute d'agreables souvenirs a tous ceux qui ont connu ce charmant village au siecle dernier...

Searching for New Sunrises: Around the World without Wings - the Sequel (English Edition) PDF Books

Searching for New Sunrises: Around the World without Wings - the Sequel (English Edition)

In April 2012, the author and his wife Deb returned home from a cruise that had circumnavigated the world. It had been an adventure that lasted more than three months and changed their lives for ever.
Supposedly a retirement present to themselves it was a 'never to be repeated' holiday, but the memories and experiences had opened their minds far more than they could have imagined when they left on P&Os Aurora cruise ship in January.
Within a couple of months of coming back home, they were seriously considering a repeat of that world cruise, and soon they were looking at the adverts and brochures again.
After various health issues that delayed the adventure, the couple finally set off from Southampton on 9th January 2017 on that same ship again, for their second voyage around the globe.
Would the experience be as good as the first time?
Relax into your comfortable chair, and start reading George and Deb’s story as they spent the winter away from chilly Britain to sail across the oceans of the world.
Discover what it was like on such a long voyage aboard a cruise ship, the food, the entertainment and the friends they made.
Imagine the sights and experiences they had of the dazzling cities of Europe, Asia, Australasia and the Americas. Share their amazement of visiting deserts, the beauty of Pacific islands, the flora and fauna of rain forests, and the enormity of a volcano.
A world cruise is not a fortnight in the Mediterranean sunshine; it is an serious adventure to explore different areas of the planet, to peek at the cultures and architecture, to taste local foods, to dip your toes in the oceans, and look at the smiles on faces, and hear the laughter of people on five different continents.
We live in a tiny fraction of our vast world, and there is so much out there to see, touch and savour.
Come with George and Deb as they search for new sunrises.

Les Fabuleuses Dérives de la Santa Sardinha - Tome 02 PDF Books

Les Fabuleuses Dérives de la Santa Sardinha - Tome 02

Drôles, paillards, les marins de la Santa Sardinha abordent des nouvelles contrées, plus pour les trésors qu'elles peuvent contenir que pour dresser la véritable carte du monde.

Place à l'aventure ! Jano nous emmène à bord des caravelles des premiers explorateurs, pour une série d'histoires courtes sur fond de conquista portugaise.

Russo para Brasileiros: 110 textos em russo com áudio e vocabulário (Portuguese Edition) PDF Books

Russo para Brasileiros: 110 textos em russo com áudio e vocabulário (Portuguese Edition)

Neste livro, você irá melhorar sua habilidade de leitura, pronúncia e compreensão auditiva. São 110 textos para estudantes da língua russa expandirem o vocabulário de maneira fácil e agradável, para iniciantes e intermediários.


Ouvir e ler histórias em Russo é uma maneira eficiente e agradável de se aprender o idioma. É uma forma de se envolver em todos os sentidos do aprendizado.

Você terá em suas mãos 110 textos escritos em russo, além do áudio para trabalhar a pronúncia e desenvolver a compreensão auditiva. Em cada capítulo, foram destacadas as palavras mais difíceis, e em seguida traduzidas para o português.

Com este material, você conseguirá:

  • Aumentar sua compreensão auditiva

  • Aumentar seu vocabulário.

  • Falar sobre temas variados do cotidiano.

  • Melhorar sua pronúncia.

  • Adquira agora o seu exemplar e aprenda Russo!

    Dog Smart: Evidence-based Training with The Science Dog (English Edition) PDF Books

    Dog Smart: Evidence-based Training with The Science Dog (English Edition)

    Anyone who lives with and loves dogs knows that they are smart. Really smart. They understand our body language and emotions, can be trained to perform important services, are devoted companions, and enjoy walks, tricks, dog sports or just hangin’ out on the couch. So, how “Dog Smart” are you? What do you know or wish to know about the dog’s history, perceptions, understanding of humans, and responses to different training methods? These topics and more come under the scrutiny of the Science Dog in Linda Case’s latest myth-busting book. Learn to separate fact from fiction about the relationship between dogs and wolves, whether dominance should be a factor in dog training, what forms of reinforcement work best, and how to apply evidence-based training methods. “Dog Smart” will not only help you to be a better trainer, but will give you the tools for communicating the most current information about dogs to others - including the popular Science Dog character, neighbor Joe (who happens to know a lot about dogs).

    Estágio e docência (Coleção Dociencia em Formação - Saberes Pedagógicos) (Portuguese Edition) PDF Books

    Estágio e docência (Coleção Dociencia em Formação - Saberes Pedagógicos) (Portuguese Edition)

    Nesta nova edição revista, atualizada e ampliada, este livro apresenta o estágio como componente curricular dos cursos que formam professores e pedagogos. Também discute e sugere caminhos para as questões de estágio desde sempre marcadas pela problemática relação entre teoria e prática, que pode ser questionada na proposta de um estágio realizado com pesquisa e, como pesquisa, contribui para uma formação de melhor qualidade de professores e de pedagogos.
    A essa problemática, somam-se outras, que, decorrentes das mudanças no contexto social, na política educacional e na legislação e do avanço de conhecimentos sobre a formação de professores, apontam para a necessidade de se colocar o estágio em foco de análise, a partir de questionamentos surgidos no dia a dia da realidade escolar e acadêmica.

    Le Vagnon de la pêche en eau douce : Espèces, techniques, matériel, montages PDF Books

    Le Vagnon de la pêche en eau douce : Espèces, techniques, matériel, montages

    Decouvrir la diversite des milieux d'eau douce et les principales especes de poissons qui les habitent ; apprendre et maitriser au fil des saisons les techniques de peche des differentes grandes familles de poissons grace a des montages cibles et a un materiel et des appats appropries ; connaitre l'organisation de la peche et sa reglementation pour une pratique responsable... Voici les sujet qu'aborde ce guide, outil indispensable a tous les pecheurs pour exercer l'art de la peche aujourd'hui.
    Vous y trouverez :
    - des fiches d'identification de plus de 40 especes de poissons ;
    - des montages et animations clairement illustres ;
    - des astuces et des conseils de bons coins de peche ;
    - des focus sur les peches dites faciles et amusantes, la peche en carpodrome, le street fishing, la peche de competition ou les voyages de peche a l'etranger.

    Faucheurs de vent - Tome 01 : Le Carrousel des cabochards PDF Books

    Faucheurs de vent - Tome 01 : Le Carrousel des cabochards

    Les vrais pilotes prennent tout de haut... Même la mort.

    1917, Première Guerre Mondiale, front Ouest. Alexandre Marais, as de l’aviation française, a la particularité d’avoir été défiguré et de dissimuler ses blessures de guerre sous un masque. Meurtri dans sa chair et dans son âme, il n’a plus que le vol et les combats aériens comme raisons d’exister. Il était le meilleur, jusqu’à ce que Louis Lafitte, jeune pilote fanfaron et avide de gloire, soit muté dans son escadrille. Alors qu’on leur confie la mission d’abattre Nikolaus Stipetic, terreur du ciel de l’armée allemande, une rivalité s’installe entre ces deux hommes que tout oppose...

    Avec Faucheurs de vent, Thierry Lamy nous plonge dans l’univers passionnant des premiers combats aériens et de leurs pionniers au courage exemplaire. Une histoire de camaraderie et de rivalités au souffle romanesque, emportée par l’ampleur du trait de Cédric Fernandez (Saint-Exupéry) et sa science du dessin d’aviation.

    Find Your Passion: The Ultimate No BS Workbook. 186 Questions, Prompts, and Exercises to Find Your Passion, Work on Purpose, and Leave a Lasting Legacy (English Edition) PDF Books

    Find Your Passion: The Ultimate No BS Workbook. 186 Questions, Prompts, and Exercises to Find Your Passion, Work on Purpose, and Leave a Lasting Legacy (English Edition)

    Do you feel that a life doing what you love is out of reach?

    Are you dying find your passion but don’t know where to start?

    Have you given a lot of things a try only to find none of them were really your calling?

    A recent poll discovered that 85% of people hate what they do. Guess what? It doesn’t have to be this way. Despite what most people think, finding your passion can be a simple process- once you know a thing or two about the human mind.

    Extraordinary achievement comes to those who have aligned their thoughts, feelings, and actions towards the accomplishment of a cause- that’s what makes them so effective. This alignment is what gives people like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Oprah the energy necessary for changing the world on a daily basis. This powerful drive is what we have come to know as passion.

    What if I told you that you too could replicate this alignment within yourself?

    …that you too could find your life’s purpose and choose an adequate vehicle for bringing about its accomplishment?

    …that you too could live every single day with passion and leave a legacy?

    Find Your Passion: The Ultimate No-BS Workbook will provide you with a thought provoking questions, open-ended prompts and creative exercises carefully designed to help you:

    • Discover your life’s purpose

    • Find Out who you really are

    • Eliminate limiting beliefs

    • Create a powerful system of values

    • Narrow down your talents and skills

    • Evaluate Your Entrepreneurial side

    • Choose the right vehicle to fulfill your life’s purpose

    Most people out there waste away their entire life without ever taking the time to go through a process like what you’re about to experience in this book. The result? An empty, hollow life made up of a repetitive daily grind. But you’re different. You’ve made the decision to find what you were born to do, and this workbook was made to help you along this process.

    Find your passion today! Grab a copy now while this book is still at a promotional discount!


    Reinvent Me: How to Transform Your Life and Career (English Edition) PDF Books

    Reinvent Me: How to Transform Your Life and Career (English Edition)

    Former professional dancer and Strictly Come Dancing winner Camilla Sacre-Dallerup is the queen of reinvention.

    Now a motivational speaker, hynotherapist, life and mindful living coach, she presents a clear, accessible, 8-step motivational programme that will enable anyone to reinvent themselves, just as she has.

    In Reinvent Me you will discover exercises, success stories and new tools to overcome barriers and start anew. Each chapter ends with an affirmation for you to use as you complete each part of the programme.

    The Reinvent Me Programme in a Nutshell:
    RECOGNIZE: Work out where you are and where you need to go
    EGO: Learn how to free yourself from ego-based decisions
    INNOVATION: Plan what action you need to take to start turning your dream into a reality
    NOW: Stop procrastinating and start taking action!
    VISUALIZE: Picture your reinvented life and find the courage within to start your new venture now
    EVOLVE: Learn to go with the flow of life and become more you

    NURTURE: Discover why it s essential to nurture your talents and yourself as you go through the process of reinvention
    TRANSFORMATION: Commit to your reinvention and embrace the new you
    For more information about Camilla's coaching work visit www.zenme.tv

    Histoire des Ducs de Bourgogne de la maison de Valois (Tome 4): Philippe le Bon (1432-1453) (Arremoludas) PDF Books

    Histoire des Ducs de Bourgogne de la maison de Valois (Tome 4): Philippe le Bon (1432-1453) (Arremoludas)

    Ainsi que le dit Brantôme : « Je crois qu’il ne fut jamais quatre plus grands ducs les uns après les autres, comme furent ces quatre ducs de Bourgogne ». Le premier, Philippe-le-Hardi, commença à établir la puissance bourguignonne et gouverna la France durant plus de vingt ans. Le second, Jean-sans-Peur, pour conserver sur le royaume le pouvoir qu’avait eu son père, commit un des crimes les plus éclatants de l’histoire moderne; par là il forma de sanglantes factions et alluma une guerre civile, la plus cruelle peut-être qui ait jamais souillé notre sol. Succombant sous un crime semblable, sa mort livra la France aux Anglais. Philippe-le-Bon, son successeur, se vit l’arbitre entre la France et l’Angleterre ; le sort de la monarchie sembla dépendre de lui. Son règne, long et prospère, s’est signalé par le faste et la majesté dont commença à s’investir le pouvoir souverain, et par la perte des libertés de la Flandre, de ce pays jusqu’alors le plus riche et le plus libre de l’Europe. Enfin le règne de Charles-le-Téméraire offre le spectacle continuel de sa lutte avec Louis XI, le triomphe de l’habileté sur la violence, le commencement d’une politique plus éclairée, et l’ambition mieux conseillée des princes, qui, devenus maîtres absolus de leurs sujets, font tourner au profit de leurs desseins les progrès nouveaux de la civilisation et du bon ordre. C’était un avantage que de rattacher de la sorte le récit de chaque époque à un grand personnage ; l’intérêt en devient plus direct et plus vif ; les événements se classent mieux ; c’est comme un fil conducteur qui guide à travers la foule confuse des faits... (extrait de la Préface, éd. de 1860).

    La présente réédition se base sur l’édition de 1860.

    Amable-Guillaume-Prosper Brugière, baron de Barante né à Riom (1782-1866), préfet sous le Ier Empire, pair de France sous la Restauration ; ses idées libérales le font écarter de la vie politique et l’amène à se consacrer à ses études historiques. Il publie la première édition de l’Histoire des Ducs de Bourgogne (1824-1826) qui lui vaut d’entrer à l’Académie Française. Après la Révolution de 1830, il sera nommé ambassadeur en Piémont-Sardaigne, puis en Russie jusqu’en 1848.

    Chien 2018: Astrologie & Feng Shui PDF Books

    Chien 2018: Astrologie & Feng Shui

    Le Chien en 2018 profite de la puissante Etoile de la Victoire #1 du feng shui, qui apporte le Chi gagant. Faites manifester votre richesse cette année!

    Superalimentos: 13 alimentos naturales con propiedades medicinales (Spanish Edition) PDF Books

    Superalimentos: 13 alimentos naturales con propiedades medicinales (Spanish Edition)

    ¿Qué son los superalimentos? ¿Existen alimentos naturales con probadas propiedades preventivas y curativas? ¿Cómo podemos utilizar los alimentos para que sean nuestra medicina?

    En esta guía, el investigador y escritor Juan Luis García Torres, coautor del libro "La salud prohibida. Descubre lo que no quieren que sepas acerca de la alimentación y la salud", aborda el tema del cuidado de la salud a través de los alimentos. La prevención y curación de enfermedades a través de alimentos naturales es una sabiduría ancestral que hemos ido perdiendo en nuestras sociedades industrializadas, en las que los alimentos predominantes son altamente procesados y poco naturales para el ser humano.

    Este no es otro libro más sobre superalimentos. En él descubrirás muchas de las mentiras y verdades sobre los alimentos y la salud de manera sencilla, bien documentada y fácil de leer.

    En esta guía encontrarás 13 alimentos naturales al alcance de cualquiera, además de algunos de los estudios que han demostrado sus capacidades preventivas y curativas de enfermedades. Si lo que deseas es mejorar tu salud y liberarte de peligrosos tratamientos y fármacos, que son ya la tercera causa de muerte en el mundo, este libro es para ti.

    Decídete y consigue ahora esta guía de 13 superalimentos que te ayudará a restablecer el equilibrio y recuperar el control de tu salud.



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